mardi 22 septembre 2015

Slimming world friendly pizza

Finished gorgeous healthy pizza

Hey guys,
Well after Vicky got the go ahead from SW that the wholemeal bread mix from Tesco can be used as a HE (well 57g worth can) here, I just had to make some pizza and rolls.  The rolls were a little heavy but they certainly filled a hole and the pizza was absolutely awesome!!   I used a fail proof pizza sauce recipe that you can find here.
The whole pizza came out at 7 syns as I had 2 HEB worth of base and used my HEA for the cheese, I do Extra Easy, and the base sauce recipe come out at 1 syn because I didn’t use any parmesan.
You can see the various stages of my pizza and ingredients below (The pepperoni isn’t mine):

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Mandy Sullivan a dit…

which wholemeal bread mix is this please as the link doesn't work?

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