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SW Turkey Nuggets

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Here is my recipe for Turkey dippers, just substitute the turkey for chicken!...........

Makes 12-14 pieces
1/2tsp Garlic Salt
1tsp Schwartz Cajun
1 Egg (ff)
40g Dried Breadcrumbs/2x 400g wholemeal loaf (=1Heb)
105g Turkey Breast Steak, cut into nuggets (ff)


Take 2 stale slices of wholemeal bread, place in a food processor, reduce to smooth bread crumbs, and tip into a bowl. Mix with the Cajun & garlic salt & place in a plastic bag.
Beat an egg in a small bowl, dip the turkey nuggets into the egg, then into the bag with the breadcrumbs in, shake until coated then place on a flat ovenproof tray.
Cook at 180C for 15 mins.

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