samedi 22 août 2015

Giant Jaffa Cake :D

I made this a while ago and i was just checking up all the syn value of it and its not to bad for the whole cake its only 51 syns and it can be divided into as many parts as you want   

35grams of plain chocolate i used bournville
2 sachets of sugar free orange jelly crystals
1 flan base from asda

make the jelly up and let it set in the fridge for a few hours

when its ready place it on top of the flan base

melt the chocolate and spread over the top and leave it to set for 30 mins

then divide and tuck in  yummmmm 

I got 12 portions out of mine so thats 4.25 
syns per slice   

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Angela a dit…

Impossible to spread the chocolate on the jelly! The chocolate sets immediately on putting the chocolate on. If you use lukewarm chocolate AND bring out the jelly for 30 mins before spreading, you can dab it on with a spoon. When you cut it, it breaks into smithereens! Ive yet to see anyone who shows images of a perfect cake actually explain how they managed to do it. Leads me to believe that a LOT more chocolate is involved in creating those photo ready pictures

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